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It is important to note that by clicking on this link you will be leaving this website and any information viewed there is not the property of Destra Capital Investments LLC.

Buy Like an Insider

Investors have been tracking corporate-insider stock purchases for decades.

Why? Corporate insiders− top officers, boards of directors, and major shareholders − have a natural edge over retail investors, and even financial analysts, because they typically know their businesses and industries better than anyone. That’s why, no matter how much research you do, or how much financial news you consume, you’re always a step behind those “in the know”.

If only you could just peek through the keyhole at board meetings around the country, so you could find out what’s really going on behind the scenes.

But Can You Really Peek Through the Keyhole?

Discover How

Tracking Insider Buying

Insiders, by law, are required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to file a Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership of Securities (Form 4). Form 4 is accessible by the public.

Example Form 4

By tracking these insider transactions, investors may discern valuable information about a company’s prospects. Legitimate insider buying has been used as a sign of stock-price appreciation. Of course insider stock trading activity shouldn’t be the sole technical indicator when deciding to buy or sell a stock. But, insider buying activity may be a good starting point to further investigate a company, either by analyzing the fundamental data of the company or by studying other insider trading related matters such as the stock trading history of the insider, the type of insider (officer or beneficiary owner) etc.

Does Insider Buying Alone Always Predict That the Stock Will Rise?

The answer is no. Insiders can overestimate the value of their special knowledge or be overly optimistic about their own firm’s chances of success. So interpreting the knowledge gleaned from SEC Form 4 filings can be tricky. The questions remain:

  • How much information is in these filings?
  • Which are the salient numbers?
  • How can they be best extracted?

These are questions that are easier to ask, than answer. Many of the Form 4 filings involve purchases as part of compensation (such as the exercise of options). Often, these are more related to liquidity needs than speculation on the company’s performance. Open-market purchases, however, require insiders to take their own money and purchase stock on the open market. “Skin in the game” makes some believe in the more predictive power of this factor.

Although there have been studies that show that insider purchases are profitable, merely imitating insiders still requires plenty of work on your side. You can’t simply buy all stocks with insider purchases and expect to beat the market. There’s much more to a strategy than follow-the-leader. You have to pick WHICH leader and hope you made the right choice.

If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Join ‘em.

Using insider buying information is just one step towards seeking better outcomes from your investments, but your approach should be systematic, analytical, and repeatable, in order to succeed over time.

The Direxion All Cap Insider Sentiment ETF (Ticker: KNOW) provides investors with access to stocks that corporate officers, directors, and shareholders who own more than 5% of each S&P 1500 company’s stock, are accumulating. But that’s just the beginning.

The key benefits of KNOW’s strategy:

  • Allows investors to identify and participate in stocks that corporate insiders are accumulating
  • Offers access to a quantitative, rules-based index approach to equity investing
  • Focuses on insider transactions and analyst ratings to determine weightings within the Index
  • Allocations to sectors within the index can vary significantly from traditional cap-weighted equity benchmark weightings

Financial Advisors, access additional information about insider buying.

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