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Destra Funds Class A Shares

The initial sales charge imposed on the purchase of Class A shares is based on the amount invested, as set forth in the table below. The proceeds of any applicable sales charge are allocated between Destra Capital Investments and your financial intermediary. The table below sets forth the amount of the applicable sales charge as a percentage of offering price and net amount invested. The dollar amount of your initial sales charge is calculated as the difference between the public offering price and the net asset value of those shares. Since the offering price is calculated to two decimal places using standard rounding criteria, the number of shares purchased and the dollar amount of your sales charge as a percentage of the offering price and of your net investment may be higher or lower than the amounts set forth in the table depending on whether there was a downward or upward rounding.

Class A Shares Sales Charge as a Percentage of:

Amount of Purchase at Offering Price Offering Price1 Net Amount Invested Amount of Sales Charge Reallowed to Financial Intermediaries as a Percentage of Offering Price
Under $100,000 4.50% 4.71% 4.00%
$100,000 but under $250,000 3.75% 3.90% 3.25%
$250,000 but under $500,000 2.75% 2.83% 2.25%
$500,000 but under $1,000,000 2.25% 2.30% 1.75%
$1,000,000 and above None None None2

1 Offering Price includes the initial sales charge.

2 To fulfill the obligations of any outstanding Letter of Intent entered into before February 1, 2016, Destra Capital Investments may pay financial intermediaries commissions of up to 1.00% on purchases of $1,000,000 or more on a single purchase of Class A shares by a single investor. Destra Capital Investments retains all 12b-1 fees paid for the first 12 months pursuant to the Class A plan on any investment where an upfront 1.00% commission is paid in order to recoup prior expenses incurred with respect to the payment of such 1.00% commission.

Class C Shares

The Class C shares sales charges are as follows:

Initial sales charge on purchases None
Deferred sales charge (“CDSC”) 1.00% on shares redeemed within 12 months of purchase*
Minimum initial investment $2,500
Maximum purchase $500,000
Minimum aggregate account balance None
12b-1 fee 1.00% annual fee (up to 0.75% distribution fee and up to 0.25% shareholder servicing fee); higher annual operating expenses than Class A shares because of higher 12b-1 fee

* May be waived under certain circumstances.