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Destra Multi-Alternative Fund Announces Conversion Ratios in Anticipation of Exchange Listing

Bozeman, MT (January 6, 2022) — Destra Capital Advisors LLC (“Destra”) announced today that as of COB on January 4, 2022 the Destra Multi-Alternative Fund (the “Fund”) redesignated its Class A, Class C and Class T shares as Class I shares under the CUSIP 250 65A 205.

Old Share Class Old Ticker Symbol Old CUSIP Old NAV
New Share Class New Ticker Symbol New CUSIP New NAV
Conversion Ratio

Class A Shares


250 65A 106


Class I Shares


250 65A 205



Class C Shares


250 65A 403


Class I Shares


250 65A 205



Class T Shares


250 65A 304


Class I Shares


250 65A 205



In pursuit of the Fund’s listing on a national securities exchange, the Fund will subsequently eliminate all share class designations and the Fund’s shares will be referred to as shares of beneficial interest or common shares. The Fund intends to commence trading on an exchange under CUSIP 250 65A 502 and proposed ticker symbol: “DMA” in the near future.

Interval Fund Share Class

Interval Fund Ticker Symbol

Interval Fund CUSIP

Exchange-Listed Closed-End Share Class

Exchange-Listed Closed-End Ticker Symbol

Exchange-Listed Closed-End CUSIP

Class I Shares


250 65A 205

Exchange Listed Common Share


250 65A 502

As more information becomes available on Fund’s exchange listing, a subsequent press release will be released.

Shareholders did not receive fractional shares but instead will receive a number of shares, rounded down to a whole number. Shareholders will receive a check related to the fractional portion of their shares. Such checks will be mailed on or about January 5, 2022. Shareholders who have questions about the redesignation of shares and issuance of checks for fractional shares, may call UMB Fund Services (“UMB”), the agent handling these transactions at (844) 933-7872.

Effective on January 10, 2022, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC ("AST") will serve as the Fund's transfer agent and dividend disbursing agent. All shareholder records will be transferred to AST. Shareholders may obtain more information on the shareholder services offered to the Fund by calling AST at the Fund's dedicated toll free number 800-591-8238.

Upon listing, the Fund’s shares will generally only be available for purchase in the secondary market at prevailing market prices rather than at net asset value. The listing may also make the Fund’s shares more widely available. There will be no change in the Fund’s investment objective, principal investment strategies or portfolio management in connection with the listing, and Destra will continue to serve as the investment adviser of the Fund, and Validus Growth Investors, LLC will continue to serve as the investment sub-adviser of the Fund.

Any shareholder seeking to move shares to a brokerage account will need an adviser or broker dealer to transfer the shares through the Depository Trust Company's ("DTC") Profile System. Shares of the Fund are DTC Eligible. Additional details regarding the Fund and Destra are available on the Fund's website at The Fund’s investment objective, risks, charges and expenses must be considered carefully before investing. The Fund’s prospectus and shareholder reports contain this and other important information and may be obtained by visiting the Fund’s website above or by calling 877-855-3434. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Destra Multi-Alternative Fund is a core alternative solution that pursues its investment objective by primarily investing in the following income-producing securities: (1) public and private real estate securities, (2) alternative investment funds, (3) master limited partnerships, (4) common and preferred stocks, and (5) structured notes, notes, bonds and asset-backed securities. Destra Capital Advisors LLC, based in Bozeman, MT, serves as Investment Adviser to the Fund. Validus Growth Investors, LLC serves as the Investment Sub-Adviser to the Fund.


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