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Special Situations: Navigating Market Shifts

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Discover the potential of special situations investing through this recent white paper. Featuring commentary from Adam Phillips from the BlueBay Fixed Income Team at RBC Global Asset Management, this paper highlights the potential opportunities emerging against today’s backdrop of economic fluctuations and market challenges. With a focus on the expertise and strategies for navigating distressed debt and special situations, it reveals how investors may be able to exploit the developing opportunities presented by the current macroeconomic environment.

The paper delves deep into the realm of special situations, underscoring its significance amidst rising market volatility and shifting economic dynamics. It offers a unique perspective on leveraging mid-market opportunities, particularly in Europe, within the expansive $3.5 trillion European and US high-yield and leveraged loan markets. For those keen on exploring the strategic avenues in special situations investing, this white paper is an essential guide to making informed and impactful investment choices. Submit your information to unlock access to this essential resource on special situations investing.