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Destra Announces Membership in the Active Investment Company Alliance (“AICA”)

Bozeman, MT

Destra Capital Advisors LLC (“Destra”) today announced membership in the Active Investment Company Alliance (“AICA”), a non-profit trade association for listed closed-end funds, business development companies, interval funds, and tender offer funds.

“The closed-end fund industry has seen tremendous growth over the last several years with a very robust IPO market for exchange-listed closed-end funds and explosive Fund and AUM growth in the closed-end interval fund and tender offer fund space,” said Rob Watson, President of Destra Capital Advisors LLC, “With Destra’s long tenured experience in the closed-end industry we are very excited to partner with an industry organization such as AICA, that continues to educate and raise awareness for the investment community.”

John Cole Scott, Founder and Exec Chairman for AICA, commented. “It is great to bring such a well-established expert in the closed-end fund and interval fund space to AICA membership. We look forward to creating more high-quality content for 2022 and beyond with our ever-increasing number of high-quality members.”

About Destra Capital

Founded by long-time industry executives, Destra is a small, family-oriented shop and majority owned by employees with strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Like the asset managers we partner with, Destra is a boutique firm. We pick specific, often inefficient areas of the market where we can differentiate, specialize, and add value for our clients' portfolios.

Destra is built like a Team, not a corporate hierarchy. We are a very flat organization that is centered around delivering compelling investment opportunities and servicing the needs of our clients.

Destra helps place unique asset management strategies into the right vehicles to address clients' needs. Separate accounts, mutual funds, exchange traded vehicles, interval funds, all are tools that Destra uses to get the right strategies into the right products.

Destra Capital Advisors LLC is an SEC registered investment advisor and the advisor to the Destra Funds and Secondary Market Servicing Agent for several NYSE Listed Closed-End Funds. Destra Capital Investments LLC is a FINRA registered broker dealer and distributor to Destra Funds and other investments.

For more information, please visit or call us at 877.855.3434.

About the Active Investment Company Alliance

The Active Investment Company Alliance. A 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association for closed-end funds (CEFs), business development companies (BDCs), Interval Funds and Tender Offer Funds.

AICA membership is open to Fund Sponsors, Institutional Investors & Product Sponsors and Service Providers in the closed-end fund, business development company and interval fund universe. AICA sponsors the weekly NAVigator Podcast, with 130+ recorded episodes with Chuck Jaffee as host. They have hosted eight (8) educational events since Fall 2019 with 45 panel discussions designed to educate financial advisors for better used CEFs, BDCs, and Intervals funds for the clients they serve. AICA was founded in 2019 by John Cole Scott and incubated by CEF Advisors and Call: (804) 362-0717 or