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Destra Capital Launches International & Event-Driven Credit Interval Fund

CHICAGO, IL--Destra Capital Management LLC (“Destra”) today announced the launch of the Destra International & Event-Driven Credit Fund (the “Fund”), a registered 1940 Act closed-end interval fund sub-advised by BlueBay Asset Management (“BlueBay”), a global fixed income specialist and an industry leader in multi-asset credit and event-driven credit investing.

“Destra is excited to make BlueBay’s unique investment strategies available to advisors and investors in the United States,” said Dominic Martellaro, Chief Executive Officer of Destra. “Destra and BlueBay are among the first to offer retail investors and financial advisors an international & event-driven credit strategy inside of a closed-end interval fund product.”

The Fund is designed to pursue opportunities throughout the credit cycle and to provide long-term investors the potential for high income, total return and professional management from BlueBay, a premier global credit manager.

The Fund’s strategy is highly differentiated from the current interval fund marketplace because it brings a focus on international credit investing and access to “event-driven” credits for long-term investors.

The Fund is initially available in Class I Shares (CEDIX). The Fund's registration statement was declared effective on May 9, 2018. For more information, please visit

About Destra

Destra Capital connects financial advisors and their clients with innovative investment strategies, in uniquely positioned products from experienced asset managers. At Destra, we take the long view, setting our goal to rise above fleeting market statistics toward the opportunity for long-term returns.

The firm also offers 2 open-end funds: Destra Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred and Income Fund (DPIIX/DPIAX) and Destra Wolverine Dynamic Asset Fund (DWAIX/DWAAX).

About BlueBay

BlueBay is a global specialist fixed income manager uniquely positioned at the convergence point between traditional and alternative asset managers. Headquartered in London with a strong European presence, we invest over US$60 billion for institutional investors and financial institutions across the fixed income on a global scale, from active benchmarked portfolios to alternative strategies and private debt.

As a firm, we seek to delivering optimal outcomes for clients and promote a culture of strong performance, coupled with innovation and collaboration.

Our purpose is to be a respected, leading asset manager for our clients. We do this by embracing our values of integrity, transparency and respect that have been the backbone of our firm since inception in 2001.

BlueBay has offices in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Stamford (US), Japan and Australia. BlueBay Asset Management LLP is wholly-owned by Royal Bank of Canada and part of RBC Global Asset Management. BlueBay Asset Management LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


For more information about Destra, BlueBay or the Fund, contact Rob Watson, President of Destra Capital Advisors LLC, the Fund’s Advisor at 877-855-3434.

Important Risk Information

1Pursuant to Rule 23c-3 of the 1940 Act, the Fund must make a quarterly repurchase offer of at least 5% of the Fund’s outstanding shares. The Fund’s Board of Directors will set the actual level of the quarterly repurchase offers. It is possible that a repurchase offer may be oversubscribed, in which case shareholders may only have a portion of their shares repurchased.

Please read the prospectus for more complete information, including risks and objectives before investing. Investing in the Shares involves certain risks, including loss of principal, that are described in the “Risks” section of the prospectus, including the following:

The Fund’s Shares will not be immediately listed on an exchange in the foreseeable future, if at all. It is not anticipated that a secondary market for the Shares will develop unless the Shares are listed on an exchange. Thus, an investment in the Fund is not suitable for investors who might need access to the money they invest for several years or longer.

The Fund may decline to accept any subscription requests for any reason regardless of the order in which such subscription request was submitted to the Fund in a particular subscription period.